Band Battle is an ongoing project. It's about an animated band and their struggle towards stardom. It's been a project that's allowed me to practice a lot and try out new things. It features some illustration, writing, design, and animation. View it's progress at
The graphic novel came about as a way to give life to the characters and back story. When I imagine a project I usually imagine it in many different formats, trying to get the whole scope of the life that it has. This felt like an art direction decision, trying to capture further the depth of this project.
The graphic novel was posted to the Band Battle website on the front page so that followers could read it directly from the page with every update. Every week, 3 pages were added to the site. This story takes place in the middle of the band's journey. It's a teaser more than anything, giving some character background and a sense as to how the story could be. I wanted to focus on just being able to create a compelling and engaging story with dialogue that felt real and a plot direction that made sense. It also allowed me to draw out the characters in different poses and use different textures and styles to bring a visual style and art direction to the comic. You could say that it all added to the Band Battle brand.
As I said, the project is ongoing and can be watched at our Instagram @bandbattle and at the band's website