Band Battle is an ongoing project. It's about an animated band and their struggle towards stardom. It's been a project that's allowed me to practice a lot and try out new things. It features some illustration, writing, design, and animation. View it's progress at
These character designs feature some of the main characters in the band, shown in the larger header and sub images. I was inspired by the greatest animated band, Gorillaz, but just tried to explore illustration for myself and create my own style in their design. They each have their own personalities and part to play in the story.
The smaller images are of character designs that I created for a social media event I held in August of 2016 called #auditionaugust. Twice a week I held an "audition" on the Band Battle instagram(@bandbattle). 3 of the characters would be posted in a single post and followers would post the name of the character they liked most. Their bios and stories were featured on the Band Battle website.  The winners are going into a semi-final for the band and will be featured in the comic, which can be read at the website or at This pushed me to get myself to draw every day and refine my skills. 
As I said, the project is ongoing and can be watched at our Instagram @bandbattle and at the band's website